Stall Bengtsson GmbH
25524 Itzehoe

Office phone

+49 172 4010064

Directions to our stables

Coming from A23/B5/B77 into Itzehoe, always in direction to 'Lübeck' B206. Leave Itzehoe on B206 and take parking place 100m behind the town exit sign to your right. Leave parking place into a small road 'Hof Basten ' to the right. At the end of this road turn left through a green garden gate and follow small white signs 'Stall Bengtsson'.

Don't listen to your gps, most are guiding you into the forest. (The last existing address is 'Kieler Landstrasse 34' in Itzehoe, that's the first house at the small road from the parking.) Have a good trip!