Charaktervoll, Cznoopy EB and Cannobio qualified for the Bundeschampionat

June 27, 2023, 5:54 a.m. – back to all news

We had a great show last weekend when we competed at the national show in Breitenburg. 


Cznoopy EB started off with a 6th place in Friday’s L-class after receiving a score of 7.9. In the following M*-class, Charaktervoll got the score 8.4 to take 2nd place, while Cannobio ended 6th with the score 8.0 and Davis took the 7th place with a score of 7.9. 


Then it was time for the qualifications for the Bundeschampionat (the German championships for young horses), where 5-year-old Cznoopy EB took 3rd place with a score of 8.2 to qualify for the big final in September. Among the 6-year-olds, Charaktervoll won the class with the fantastic score of 8.8 and Cannobio ended 4th with a score of 8.2 – both qualified for the final. 


In the Youngster M**-class on Saturday, Caillan ended second and Mylord Marley took the second place in the following S-class. Caillan continued with a second place in Sunday’s Youngster S-class, while Mylord Marley took the third place in the Grand Prix. Johnny Boy ended 11th in the same class. 

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