Success in Breitenburg

June 27, 2022, 1:08 p.m. – back to all news

We can proudly announce that we have three horses qualified for the Bundeschampionat (the German Championships for young horses)! Inuka received a score of 8.9 at the qualification in Breitenburg and is thus qualified among the 6-year-olds. Also Courino, 6-year-old, is qualified. Davis got the score 8.8 and is qualified among the 5-year-olds. 


All in all, we had a very good show in Breitenburg. Courino didn't just qualify for the Bundeschampionat, he aslo won the Youngster M*-class. Leonardo was placed riding Cznoopy after receiving a score of 8.1 in the A-class. Anna Sellere was clear and placed in the L as well as in the M*-class and Anna Hästbacka did great with all her horses. Doris Wikner and Kuschel's Elika was clear in both the A* as well as in the A**-class. 

Rolf and Cassilano JMEN won the 1.40m class and Catch took the runner-up position in the S*-class, while Lyjanair ended second in the Youngster M**-class.