Winning streak in Schnarup-Thumby

Aug. 23, 2022, 5:33 a.m. – back to all news

Rolf had a winning streak at the national show in Schnarup-Thumby. He started off with a victory with Mylord Marley in Wednesday’s M*-class and continued with a first place in Friday’s S-class with Lyjanair, a win in Sunday’s M** with Mylord Marley and finished off with a victory in the S*-class with Lyjanair. 


Also the other horses did a great job! In Wednesday’s L-class for young horses Thibaut and Z on Air took the 7th place with a score of 8.1, while Erik and Jolie SV received 7.7 points after a clear round. 


In Thursday’s M-class for young horses Rolf and EIC Courino finished 4th, while both Anna with Chadler and Thibaut with Costner delivered clear rounds in Friday’s Youngster M. 


Mylord Marley took the 3rd place in Friday’s S-class. On Saturday, Briar and Chesall went clear in the L-class and continued with a 7th place in the M-class. The same day, Zuccero ended 6th in the S**-class. In Sunday’s S*-class Rolf and Johnny Boy ended 10th while Thibaut and Costner took the 12th place.