Zuccero and Mylord Marley winners in Elmshorn

Nov. 24, 2021, 6:04 a.m. – back to all news

The team had a busy week with shows in Negernbötel on Tuesday and Wednesday and in Elmshorn on Saturday. 


In Negernbötel, Rolf ended second and third in the L-class for young horses after Courino received a score of 8.3 and Inuka 8.2. Costner took the seventh place in the L-class and rank 13 in the M*-class. Johnny Boy took place ten in the M**-class. 
Elmshorn was a great show for the team, with Mylord Marley winning the M**-class and Cecilia with CSF Mr Kroon taking ending eight in the same class. 

Sally Wikner and Baroness won the M*-class with style after receiving a score of 8.6, before she ended fourth in the M*-class with jump-off riding La Barca. 

The show ended in the best way with Zuccero winning the S-class and Catch taking third place. 

Photo: archive photo of Zuccero

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