Several ribbons at the Nordic Jumping Events

March 5, 2024, 7:12 a.m. – back to all news

The team had a great weekend at the Nordic Jumping Events in Negernbötel, Germany. In the A**-class for young horses, Rolf and Cultino EB took the 3rd place with a score of 8.2, Leo and Red Gem Plus followed in 7th place (7.9), while Evi and Culiko EB took the 10th place (7.8). 

In the L-class, Rolf ended 4th and 6th with Cznoopy EB (8.1) and Cultino EB (7.9), while Leo and Mien Seuten ended 6th – also with a score of 7.9. In the second L-class of the day, Leo and Come On Plus took the 3rdplace with a score of 8.3. 

In Friday’s Youngster Cup, Rolf and Keaton HV finished 6th after a speedy clear round. Rolf and Mylord Marley took the 3rd place in the following M**-class. 

In the S-class, Rolf collected ribbons when he was runner-up with Daymian, taking the 6th place with Mylord Marley and the 7th place with Johnny Boy – all double clear.